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Underbedz are fun little creatures that come to life at bedtime.


When you think you heard some noises coming from the darkness beneath your bed, chances are, the Underbedz are congregating to conspire. They want to come out and play with you imaginative folks if you want some mischievous fun.


A little devillish and a lot of goofy nonsense, they would be a source of endless amusement.


Feed them their favorite foods and they'll be your best friend.


Underbedz are your imaginary friends at their best. They may look like they are nightmares come true, but they are actually friendly, fun, and entertaining (well most of them). 


They come in all shapes and sizes, and personalities to boot.


Befriend them all and you'll never spend a dull night but be careful, they are monsters after all and get out of hand sometimes.


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