Trade-In Policy

Book Trade-In Credit Information:
Reader’s Delight offers a generous in-store credit policy that allows you to turn in your gently used books for store credit.
Paperbacks…....   Credit = 20% of list price
Books on CD’s… Credit = 15% of list price
Hardcovers…....   Credit = 10% of list price
In Store credit may be used toward half of your purchase of used books only, with the other half to be paid by cash or credit card.
“In Store credit is applied before sales tax”
For example, if you have a credit balance of $20.00, and your purchase is $7.99 plus tax ($8.55), you may use $4.00 of your credit, with the remaining $4.55 to be paid by cash or credit card, which will leave you with a credit balance of $16.00.
Store Credit is valid towards “in stock used books only”.
Credit is not valid toward any new books, special order books, collectibles, and other types of merchandise found in the gift shop.
Reader’s Delight only accepts gently used books in most genres.  Books must be in resalable condition.
Reader’s Delight “WILL NOT” accept Harlequin Series books, Book Club editions, Reader's Digest books, text books, “adult” books, hardcover books without dust jackets, library books and books in poor condition.
Reader’s Delight “WILL NOT” accept smoke, water, children, pet and any other source of book mutilation damaged books. 
Reader’s Delight reserves the right to refuse books for trade at our discretion, based on condition or current inventory needs.
Notice: Policy is subject to change without notice.
Thank you,
Reader’s Delight Management
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